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12-Step Alternative

The 12-Step method of treatment is the oldest and most famous method of treating alcoholism and addiction.  It was started in the 1930s and has spread all around the world.  While it has a long history and has obviously helped many people, it does not work for everyone.  We have had great success treating people who, for whatever reason, did not respond to the 12-Step method.  Unlike the 12-step approach, we do not believe that an addict is powerless to a drug or bottle. We do not believe that addiction is a disease. We see addiction as a method one uses as a conscious or subconscious escape from their problems, and that the way out is to face up to one’s problems and take responsibility for one’s own life.  Our program focuses on the individual and aims to help one figure out for themselves why they originally started using drugs.  This will put the addict in more control and see continued use of drugs for what it is, destructive.   We aim to get people mentally, physically and emotionally stable in order to be able to make correct decisions that are based on correct logic and reason. Using our developed and tested techniques the individual will walk down a path of self-discovery and determine how their decisions led them down this path and invite them to wipe the slate clean and start a new life.

Social Education / Life Skills

Not only do we get a person off of drugs or alcohol, but we remind them how to live a life without drugs. We have established methods that help a person improve their communication skills, thinking skills, reasoning skills and how to evaluate decisions and consequences.  By teaching how to effectively communicate to the people around one, a client is able to address and work out problems rather than escalate them. We teach people about how to handle the everyday ups and downs of life in a healthy and constructive way.  We give the ability to evaluate what kind of people one wants to surround themselves with in order to live a productive and successful life pursuing and accomplishing their goals.  Our program is designed around the importance of responsibility, ethics, and personal integrity, not with the idea of punishing for past misdeeds, but to show the addict that the only way out of the trap of addiction is embracing responsibility for one’s life and decisions. With these skills one will be able to successfully live not just a sober life, but a fulfilling and happy life.

Results-Based, not Time-Based

Most programs consist of 28 or 30 days of treatment.  That is not based on any scientific reason, but strictly upon the fact that when health insurance companies first began covering alcoholism and drug addiction treatment, the most they would pay was 28 days.  Thus, the 28 day program was born.  Everyone takes a different amount of time to think, understand, to learn and to address their problems. Due to those reasons, and the uniqueness of a person compared to any other person, we don’t set a time limit on when someone is fully recovered.  Our clients are handled on a case-by-case basis designed to suit the individual needs.  Our program requires the accomplishment of specific steps before one moves on.  What that means is that each module of treatment can take as long as it needs to take.  Addiction isn’t solved in a week or in a month, though it can be fully addressed in a relatively short amount of time thanks to our successful program method.  Unlike other rehabs, our clients are not watching the clock tick down until they are forced to leave.  Also, they are not able to “wait it out” and simply put off confronting or addressing problems until the last day of treatment.  In our program the clients simply settle in and do what it takes to get well, taking as much time as needed to completely address their issues.

After Care

We offer something very few programs offer. When a client completes our program, we want to make sure that they are doing their best out in the world.  That’s why we have our very own Aftercare program, included at no charge for every client who graduates.  At the end of the program the individual will establish a concrete plan of action for exiting our facility and transitioning back into life.  This plan will be a precise means of how they are going to go about re-establishing their life, including specific goals and steps they need to take to ensure a successful life.  They will be in contact with our Graduate Counselor multiple times per week upon graduation and less as time goes on and the former client is integrated successfully back into life.  However, our graduates can always call in for as long as they need to ensure they are following their plan and creating a successful life without drugs.

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