Our drug rehabilitation program succeeds where others fail. Do you want to know why?

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Why is our program such a revolutionary success in the addiction field? How can we offer an all-inclusive program that is not based on time, while others are 30 days? It’s because we know how to treat addiction permanently.  Drugs are actually stored in the body as toxins and get released in tiny amounts throughout a person’s daily activities. When they are released into the bloodstream, the brain is triggered and subconsciously the person craves more drugs, even while trying to stay sober. The person is either miserable off drugs or relapses. We address this situation using our own sauna detoxification program, where we clean out these drugs and toxic residuals for good. We then provide an empowering and comprehensive program of Life Skills and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to address mental aspects of addiction. Our graduates literally have a clean slate and a new life when they are done with the program, along with a Discharge Plan that is thorough and holds the client accountable. Why else could we offer a type of guarantee to take someone back if they relapse out of treatment? We are confident in our program!

Why our program works

Scientific studies and medical autopsies have proven that toxic substances (street drugs, medicinal drugs, alcohol, pesticides, etc.) remain in a person’s body long after they stop using drugs. When an individual ingests toxic substances, the body’s natural reaction is to remove what isn’t used. One of the main functions of the liver is detoxification. However, when toxic substances are taken in excess, the liver is unable to filter all of it. The remaining toxins are stored mainly in the fat tissues.

Let’s say that at a later date the individual burns some fatty tissue (by means of exercise, stress, increased heart rate, etc.). These toxins, which are still stored in the fat tissue, then get released back into the blood stream. With that, they travel to the brain, and give the individual a very slight reaction to the substance; not enough to get them intoxicated, but enough that the brain can perceive it, whether the addict is consciously aware of it or not. The individual could simply be walking on the beach and “for no reason”, find themselves walking to the drug dealer, almost without them being aware of it.

To parallel how this works, let’s say we give a small child just one lick of an ice cream cone. What happens? They want more! Now if you give a recovering addict a small sample of a drug, what happens? They want more drugs! THIS is the anatomy of physical drug cravings.  Our Sauna The solution is extraordinarily simple; remove the toxic substances from the fat tissue!

In our residential drug rehabilitation program, we deliver a unique process which expels these exact toxins. Through a regimen of exercise, vitamins, minerals, oils and with periods of sweating in a dry heat sauna, the addict is detoxified of toxic substances. The end result is: A CLEANSED BODY, FREE OF DRUG AND ALCOHOL CRAVINGS!


Additional benefits include being able to sleep well without anxiety and wake up feeling energized and refreshed, mental alertness, fewer aches and pains and a much improved sense of well-being. Call today for a free assessment:  800-556-8885

Success from Sauna Detoxification

“Prior to coming here I had brief periods of clean-time. However, I still felt run-down. I was tired all the time. I was depressed. I felt hopeless. I knew the years of drug use had taken a major toll on my body, and I was convinced that I was a lost cause. I truly believed that I would never feel normal again. I only felt ‘normal’ while high.

Then someone very close to me went through the program. They called and raved about the detoxification process. They convinced me to give it a shot.

Within five days of the sauna detoxification program I started sleeping 8 hours a night (I wasn’t sleeping more than 5 hours before I started). Then two weeks into it I noticed a drastic change; I realized I hadn’t thought about getting high for over a week! Prior to this, I couldn’t go five minutes without thinking of drugs.

sauna success storyAfter actually completing the entire detoxification program things kept getting better. The drug cravings are completely gone! I also noticed I am stable and not feeling a roller-coaster of emotions anymore. I am happy all the time. I am excited to live. I know I will never use drugs again. Not because I “shouldn’t” do them; but because I have no desire to do them! My body feels like it did before I even started using.

The detoxification program truly gave me a NEW LIFE!” -A.R.

No Meetings! Instead, Learn Life Skills for Practical Application and Exercises that Apply to Your Life.

For many addicts, a 12-Step group meeting is not a pleasant experience. People are forced to share painful moments in a group setting with strangers. While the idea of support for addiction is encouraging, meetings are rarely successful at completely changing someone’s life. Hearing about shocking and tragic stories or terrible things that happened to people while on drugs or as an alcoholic can raise awareness to the dangers of drugs, but it does not serve to provide fundamental education about how a person becomes a drug addict and how they can overcome their problems and learn to live a different life.

No one decided one day to become a drug addict. There was a series of events that led a person down the road. These could be trouble in school, family issues, physical health problems, difficulties dealing with low self-confidence or with peer-pressure, or anything else. Everyone is different, but patterns are usually similar. Spotting these events is the key to understanding how to make different decisions, and how to get out of the trap of addiction.

Our Life Skills courses are done in a classroom-style environment and because of this, our clients are called “students”. They are not considered drug addicts trying to learn how to avoid drugs. They are students of life who are learning how the world works, how society operates and how honest, hard-working citizens with pride and a clean heart can live a happy and productive life. They clean up their past wrongdoings, take responsibility and move on. They set new goals and learn the barriers, dangers and temptations that may lie along the path to those goals. When a person is truly honest and productive, they are happier and much less likely to have any desire to do drugs, as they already know drugs will destroy their goals.

“It was so nice not to have to call myself an addict anymore. Igirl realized that people here rarely talk about drugs. Instead, we talk about where we went wrong, how to fix it, and how to live a better life. I’ve never had so much fun being sober or learned so much about myself. This program is the best thing that ever happened to me! – C.T.

Alternative Treatment with 45 Years of Proven Success

Our Program is NOT a 12-Step program and does not view addiction as an incurable disease. Addiction results from an inability to effectively deal with life and using drugs becomes a way to deal with problems, even if that problem is something as minor as ”how to stay up to get homework done” or “how can I overcome my self-confidence issues at a party”? When one takes drugs as a solution for problems, and then gets to the point where they must take more drugs because they cannot deal with coming off drugs, they are addicted. However, addiction is NOT and incurable disease and it CAN be overcome, as our tens of thousands of graduates since 1966 can attest to.

Effective Aftercare-Support Program From Certified Counselors

A student talking about an aftercare programOne of the most necessary components to successful handling of drug and alcohol addiction is that the individual has plenty of support; during and after treatment. We are staffed with several levels of Registered Addiction Specialists (a national accreditation) who have vast experience in the field of alcoholism and drug addiction treatment. These counselors work with each and every individual enrolled in our program on a continuous basis, as well as provide support to the family when needed.

After completing the entire program, we deliver an intensive aftercare program, called a Graduate Assurance Plan. During this crucial transitional step in the rehabilitation process, the individual is in constant contact with a Graduate Counselor. The relationship continues at least twice a week after the graduate has left the program and is out in the real world. We will ensure the graduate is sticking to the plan and making progress towards his or her goals set during the program. The Graduate Counselor should be consulted before making any major decisions or associating with anyone who might be a threat to the sobriety of the graduate. This is to ensure that any possible problems are identified and addressed before they become too big to handle. Don’t wait, call now for an assessment:  800-556-8885

All-Inclusive Stay for One Set Price


Not every person’s recovery from alcoholism or drug addiction is the same. As basic as this seems, it is often overlooked in the drug rehabilitation field. With that, one finds programs which have a set amount of time for treatment (28 Days, 60 Days, 90 Days, etc.). Once the addict’s time is up, it’s “time to go,” regardless of where the individuals are in their treatment.

We allow the individual to stay for as long as it takes to complete their entire treatment program, at NO EXTRA cost. The entire program is usually completed within 3 to 6 months, however no one is ever told to leave because their “time is up.” The cost of our program is comparable to what is a typical cost of a 28 day program, but the value is immeasurably better.

Our Program is all-inclusive; meaning for one set cost we provide:

bullet_triangle_blueDrug-free withdrawal detoxification under 24 hour staff supervision to handle the  acute withdrawal symptoms, (medical detoxification is not included if medically necessary)

bullet_triangle_blueLodging, excellent meals (see pictures of our food) and snacks

bullet_triangle_blueAll steps of the treatment program from Day 1 to graduation day.

bullet_triangle_blueHigh quality vitamins and nutritional supplements to be taken during the program

bullet_triangle_blueFacility amenities such as laundry, exercise and recreational facilities.

bullet_triangle_blueOur fantastic Aftercare-Support program once the graduate leaves treatment.

Our Program is so Successful That We Offer an Unprecedented Guarantee

Our confidence in the ability of our program to create drug and alcohol free individuals is so strong that we offer a type of graduate “guarantee”. If, while actively participating in and meeting the guidelines of the aftercare program, the individual relapses to drugs or alcohol, they may return to us for a review program at one of our facilities for up to 30-day FREE OF CHARGE. You must call for details on this offer.

Why would we make this offer? Does it not make terrible business sense to take people back for free? Also, why offer an All-Inclusive program in an industry as volatile as drug rehabilitation? Is this not a costly and expensive way to help people? Aside from generally caring about our clients and wanting them to succeed, there is one very good reason:

One of the Few Remaining Nonprofit Drug Rehabs

on-the-lawnOver the past decade many drug rehabs have switched from being a “Non-Profit” to now running as a “For-Profit” business. A for-profit business has owners, partners and share-holders (people who own a part of that particular business and receive funds based off profits the business makes). By definition, the purpose of a for-profit company is to generate as much profits as possible for its partners or shareholders. If it generates a better profit to run a 30 day program, that’s what is done. If it makes better business sense to “nickel and dime” people for every item or amenity they want, that’s what happens. We aren’t saying that just because a drug rehabilitation organization is for-profit that it is necessarily bad. However, one would have to be blind to see that this can be seen as a conflict of interest when it comes to whether treatment or profit is the most important factor.

A non-profit, by law, must invest their profits back into the organization or use them for other public benefit purposes such as harm reduction and community outreach. This is the way we have always operated since the program began in 1966 (in 1992 at this location). Besides our drug rehabilitation program, we deliver free drug education lectures to schoolchildren and adults, as well as partner with many national agencies in helping keep kids off drugs. We are here because we want to help.

Contact Us Now for Help

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, call us now. We will offer an assessment with a certified counselor at no cost to you. After the assessment, we will discuss your financing options as well as verify any insurance plans you may have. We will do everything we can to help – call now for an assessment:  800-556-8885.

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