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The Newest Forms Of Drug Dealing

September 26, 2016

Drug abuse, dependence and addiction are all interconnected and very complicated issues to which millions of American families suffer. The damage and chaos that addiction causes can be negligible or it can be devastating. Functioning addicts are capable of hiding their addictions for years before crashing, getting help or having a family member or friend notice the problem. Others are unable to continue to carry out the responsibilities of their lives and enter a steady decline. The lucky addicts gain control of their addiction and turn their lives around. The others can suffer for years; others lose their lives to an addiction. Treatment must be just as complex and detailed as the addiction itself. It is essential that treatment address both the addiction and any other disorder to which they are affected. Co-occurring disorders are any disorder that could have caused the addiction or have been a result of the addiction.

Treating Co-Occurring Disorders

Overcoming an addiction is a very difficult task. Most addicts must seek professional treatment to successfully combat an addiction. The mental and physical hurdles are complicated, which is why professional help is often necessary. Addicts getting treatment for an addiction should seek a treatment center that screens for co-occurring disorders. These are any mental illnesses that could have created or helped maintain th

September 19, 2016

There are several different goals to which different drug rehabilitation programs strive. They all want the same thing; patients to reenter society healthy and drug free. Each program, while relatively similar, provides different techniques, methods and systems to achieve that goal. As new studies and research continue to provide more insight on addiction and its treatment society learns more about this problem. One of the main problems regarding substance abuse and addiction is that it maintains an archaic stigma of being a problem of the weak and immoral. The truth is that addiction does not discriminate and affects all walks of life. As we discover new and exciting aspects of addiction and rehabilitation, new goals and treatments surface. Independence, codependence and interdependence are all issues that are discussed and studied in addiction treatment. Of the three, it is interdependence that all recovering addicts should work towards.

Function and Success

People function better and with more success when they are capable of handling things on their own. Just imagine how difficult it would be to carry out the responsibilities of an adult, but needed help every task. It is pretty simple to see how difficult that would be. Conversely, it would be difficult to handle your responsibilities if you had to help someone els

September 11, 2016

Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction are serious issues to which millions Americans suffer from every year. The slow and steady destruction of lives and families can be heart breaking. Families coping with an addict understand that pain and strive to get their loved one help. Getting an addict to accept treatment may be difficult, but is the only way to fix the problem. Rehab is not a sure thing by any means. Addiction is an issue that requires constant work. Recovery is always an evolving and changing process. Relapse is the event of a recovery addict reusing drugs and/or alcohol after completing a treatment program and detox. Relapse should never be considered a failure, but rather a chance to change or reevaluate treatment procedures. Here are five reasons you should give rehab another chance.

Still Alive

Every moment you are alive is a reason to give rehab another chance. Unfortunately, there are some friends and loved ones who cannot say that right now. Every day you are alive is another reason to seek treatment. ‘Rock bottom’ theory is just that; a theory. Everyone’s ‘rock bottom’ is different. For some, ‘rock bottom’ is a fatality as a result of overdose. It is important to always seek treatment for an addiction. No matter how old you are or how many tim

September 5, 2016

Entering a treatment program can be a stressful time for addicts and their families, but it is a time to be thorough. This is the start of a new day and new life for those suffering from addiction. Families and the addicts themselves should be vigilant in their decision to enter a treatment program. There are several different factors they should consider before choosing one. It is not as simple as searching the internet and choosing the first one that shows up on Google. Addiction is incredibly complex; therefore it requires a detailed program to overcome. Most recovering addicts agree that they needed professional help in fighting their addiction. There are a number of things to look for and avoid when choosing a rehab program.

Success Rates

Success rates are an important part of the rehab ‘sell’. Do not fall for the rehabs that state record breaking success rates. Some treatment centers base their success rates on their patients’ completion of the program, while others follow up on previous patients weeks, months and even years after the completion of their program. Those centers that follow up later cannot be 100% positive that the former patient is being honest either. There are some treatment centers that will follow up with family, friends or even doctors. Due to the unclear nature to whic

August 29, 2016

Dealing with pain is a part of life. People wake up with aches and pains on a daily basis. As we age, that pain gets more intense and can become more prevalent. Those who endure accidents, injuries or wear and tear from a sport, exercise or work have to treat their pain. Many live with the same pain day in and day out, without any solace. Pain management is the system to which these individuals turn to help cure their discomfort. Unfortunately, most pain management systems are simply prescriptions to painkillers. This is incredibly dangerous for a number of reasons. Painkillers are not meant to be taken over long periods of time. By taking them for an extended period users are exposing themselves to a host of physical and mental problems. These drugs are powerful and habit forming. Opioids and synthetic opioids change the chemical makeup in the brain, which reduces the body’s ability to function properly. Possibility of addiction increases with the dosage and frequency of consumption. These painkillers are ‘low-grade’ forms of morphine and heroin. In most cases of heroin addicts, prescription painkillers led them down a long and dark road toward their addiction. Is your pain management feeding your addiction? It could very well be feeding an addiction, potentia

August 22, 2016

Drugs and alcohol destroy the body. Different drugs cause different problems, but each one destroys the mind and body. Substance abuse slowly breaks down every aspect of an individual. They slowly lose their mind and their body is not far behind. When an addict finally admits to having a problem and gets the help they need the recovery process must fix all aspects of the recovering addict. That means mind, body and soul. The addict must understand themselves, their past, addiction and their problem with drugs and/or alcohol. They must also rebuild their bodies. In some cases, the damage is so severe that it takes them months and even years to remedy. Drugs and alcohol completely destroy the way the body functions and dehydration is a significant issue. It does not seem as important as the other issues that addiction may cause, but it is important. Lack of proper hydration can be detrimental to the recovery process of an addict in treatment.

Importance of Water

Water is a vital part of the human body. It is used to help regulate body temperature and normal bodily functions. Water is used from the body’s cells to its major organs. Humans can live for weeks without food, but only three days without water. Now imagine a body that is destroyed by drug or alcohol abuse and consider how important hydration is to the recovery process. Not to mention, the body is composed of

August 14, 2016

Millions of people turn to alcohol to help them relax after a rough day or a stressful week. It is only natural to want some time of break or release after working hard. There is nothing wrong with indulging in alcohol every once in a while. Alcohol consumption becomes a problem when it is used too frequently or it is abused. Alcohol abuse is a serious issue for millions of people around the globe. Drinking alcohol impairs judgment and individual’s ability to operate machinery. Mistakes involving drinking could easily be life altering. Alcohol is a dangerous substance that has ruined lives and taken others. Alcohol must be consumed responsibly because it will destroy lives if it is not. Here are a number of ways alcohol related mistakes could negatively affect your adult life.

Physical Abuse/Damages

Physical attacks, sexual ones especially are common when people overindulge in alcohol. Alcohol reduces the body and mind’s ability to focus and make good decisions. It also reduces sensitivity to pain and increases hostilities. Alcohol related injuries are common as a result of fighting and other assaults. Intoxicated people often get into fights and normally it is with people they wish they hadn’t. Getting into fights with police is something most people would never do, but i

August 8, 2016

Overcoming an addiction is difficult and also a wonderfully, rewarding process. The first few days are very difficult and even the following weeks can be tough. Once a recovering addict gets past a certain point, which is different for everyone, they will begin to feel good again. They will see clear, be focused and want to live life. Reestablishing relationships with loved ones is a great part of recovery. Unfortunately, at some point addicts begin to hear a familiar voice in their head’s. It is the one saying how great things are and good you have done in recovery. It will also say that it is now alright to go back to using or abusing drugs because you are finally in a good place again. That justification of substance use and abuse is relapse justification.

Relapse Justification

Relapse justification is the way your brain attempts to get that euphoric sensation that was once achieved by doing drugs. There is part of the brain that is referred to as the reward center of the brain. It is the part, along with other different vital functions, that awards the person on whether or not they like something. It is here in the body that a person gets those euphoric sensations. When a recovering addict thinks about feeling good they can revert back to the sensati

August 1, 2016

Alcohol is far more dangerous than most of society will believe it to be. The problems that alcohol can create and the long term damage that is not recognized by the general population is astounding. Alcoholism can lead to several dangerous health issues and many more social, professional and family related issues. Alcohol abuse is very high in this nation and it continues to grow. The use and abuse of alcohol continues to grow in young adults. Alcohol abuse begins at a young age and continues to ‘snowball’ as these young adults grow into adults at University. That alcohol abuse can easily carry over into the next phases of life. Alcohol withdrawal is commonly known as a hangover. The morning after drinking too much. Most have experienced the discomfort one too many times in their lives. The cold sweats, headache, stomach pains and overall discomfort is terrible. The worst type of alcohol withdrawal is Alcohol Withdrawal Delirium. Alcohol Withdrawal Delirium causes sudden and severe problems in the brain and central nervous system. Of those people that will experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms, approximately three to five percent will experience grand mal seizures and confusion, which are the symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal Delirium.

Causes of Alcohol Withdrawal Delirium

The causes of thi

July 24, 2016

Millions of people in this country suffer from substance abuse and/or addiction. These are complex issues that require serious determination and stamina to overcome. Getting professional help is the best way to overcome an addiction since most addicts require treatment centers and long term programs to successfully maintain long term sobriety. Abusing dangerous substances can cause serious damage to a number of parts of a life. Addiction affects the mind, body and spirit of a person. It can damage and completely destroy lifelong relationships and even cause deep, irreparable schisms in families. The damages it causes to health are significant. Every aspect of a person’s body is damaged. Oral health is especially at risk because these harsh chemicals are generally ingested orally. Here are four ways that substance abuse affects oral health.

Alcohol and the Mouth

Alcohol is especially dangerous to oral health because many alcoholic drinks contain lots of sugar. Beer and mixed drinks contain massive amounts of sugar, not to mention empty calories. Studies have shown that those with drinking problems are seriously malnourished. Increased amounts of sugar weaken the enamel on the teeth and help to cause decay. Alcohol can also increase the amount of vomiting that an in