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The Newest Forms Of Drug Dealing

May 10, 2013

meth abuseThe Food and Drug Administration believe they are close to finding a “cure” for methamphetamine addiction with a new drug called Ibudilast, or MN-166. The substance, which is still being tested is said to lessen cravings and improve effective treatment functioning.  In simple terms, this means that when your brain is telling you that your body needs more meth, Ibudilast can supposedly block this message. The substance was actually developed in 1989 in Japan, to treat post-stroke complications as well as asthma. It was also licensed in 2004 as a potential treatment to multiple sclerosis. It is one of the first said ‘cures’ for meth addiction although various drugs have been touted as ‘cures’ for thing like cocaine addiction [The Cocaine Vaccine] and opiate addiction [the replacement drug theory of Suboxone and Methadone]. Methamphetamine, abused by nearly 800,000 people every year is a stimulant drug that has produced disastrous consequences. Along with addiction, meth lab dangers with human injury and death, addicts committing crimes to get and use the drug and other environmental dangers of the ‘homemade’ subs

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April 15, 2013

alcohol use downAlcohol use may be illegal for those under age twenty-one, but that doesn’t seem to stop underage drinking.  In fact, approximately eleven percent of the alcohol used in the United States is consumed by those between the ages of twelve and twenty.  What does this mean for the future health of the upcoming generation, mentally and physically? A Look At The Issue In New Jersey New Jersey is tackling widespread alcohol abuse with vigor, as drug-related problems rise to startling levels.  Authorities report patients between Thursdays and Sundays increasingly being admitted for alcohol-related issues.  Some experts estimate that fifty percent of the patients in trauma centers are there because of drug and alcohol abuse resulting in illness, injury and overdose. The New Jersey Prevention Network has taken action to prevent drug and alcohol abuse, including town hall meetings that encourage public discussions.  New Jersey’s “911 Lifeline Legislation”, passed in 2009, enables minors to call 911 for an alcohol-related injury or overdose and remain exempt from prosecution.  The law grants

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April 15, 2013

alcohol memory lossCan memory issues contribute to alcohol problems?  Psychologists at Indiana University set out to explore the relationship between alcoholism, working memory issues and impulsivity. What Is “Working Memory Capacity” (WMC)? Psychologists use the term “working memory” to describe a person’s ability to juggle several thoughts at the same time.  When your mind wanders during an activity, your ability to return to the task at hand and retain pertinent information is your working memory. For example, let’s say you are grocery shopping with a few staples in mind–milk, eggs, bread.  At some point during this task, your phone goes off.  You read a text and send a reply.  You adjust your hair.  You take your child to the bathroom.  You hum a tune and envision your future trip to the Bahamas.  Your ability to juggle all these thoughts and return to your mental grocery list is your working memory.  Think of it as a mental workspace. Working Memory And Alcohol Abuse Rachel L. Gunn and Peter R. Finn of the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Indi

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April 8, 2013

Thoughtful man in the living roomThe Zombie Apocalypse may actually be here–but not in the way you might think.  Gaunt, mindless people with nothing but hunger in their eyes is a very real result of drug abuse.  The irony of this story is that the victims begin their transformation willingly, blissfully unaware of the consequences.  Drug addiction takes over in a powerful way, consuming users until their lives are in shambles.  And it happens faster than they can imagine. The Physical Impact Of Addiction Drug abuse affects the body in different ways, and each drug varies in its side effects.  There is, however, one thing in common with every drug: addiction. Addiction is defined as anything that one cannot control, that causes a compulsion to consume more, no matter the cost.  It can be a physical, emotional and mental change.  When it comes to drugs, there are a number of signs of addiction: •    The user may experience withdrawal when he tries to stop using the substance.  Withdrawal symptoms mirror that of a cold or flu–fever, chills, body aches, headaches, nausea, vomiting, runny nose, and so o

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April 1, 2013

anesthesia abuseThe drug ‘Propofol,’ used to treat sleep disorders and as a general anesthetic, is being abused more and more frequently these days, especially among health care professionals.  While it may drown out anxiety and induce sleep, it has a rapid downhill course and carries dangerous consequences. Milk Of Amnesia Propofol is a hypnotic, meaning it is used to induce sleep and as a general anesthetic.  It is administered intravenously and is fast-acting with a quick recovery time.  It has fewer side effects than other anesthetics. When used to treat sleep disorders, it is extremely habit-forming, which is why doctors prescribe it only for the shortest amount of time possible.  Though its use is not widespread on the street, health care professionals like physicians, nurses and dentists are abusing their easy access to the drug to fuel their addictions–with devastating consequences. In October of 2009, a drug called fospropofol, which is converted into propofol in the liver, was placed on the list of controlled substances as a Schedule IV drug (meaning it has a high potential for abuse and ad

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April 1, 2013

alcohol abuseAlcohol abuse is an international problem that continues to grow, causing domestic violence, accidents on the road and at work, disorderly behavior, and a host of side effects and chronic disease that very often leads to early death.  Despite the impact on communities and economies across the globe, only a few fumbling efforts have been made to address the problem.  It will take a concerted effort to handle alcohol abuse and bring safety and prosperity to communities around the world. Dangerous Drink Alcohol is a factor in more than sixty major afflictions and results in an estimated 2.5 million deaths each year.  Alcohol abuse is particularly fatal for younger age groups and is the world’s leading risk factor for death in men between the ages of fifteen and fifty-nine. Some of the conditions caused by alcohol include: •    Cirrhosis of the liver (20 to 50 percent is caused by alcohol)
•    Epilepsy
•    Poisonings/overdose
•    Automobile accidents
•    Violence
•    Many different kinds of cancer Alcohol also acts as a gateway drug, leading to other drug abuse, especial

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March 25, 2013

The prescription drug epidemic that hit the eastern and southern United States over a decade ago has now spread to a number of Western states, much to their dismay.  Whether or not they saw it coming, they’re caught unprepared as the problem in some areas is worse than the Appalachian states, which is where the painkiller epidemic began. Caught In A Rainstorm Without An Umbrella Following a sharp uptick, the highest rates of prescription drug abuse can now be found in Oregon, Colorado, Washington and Idaho.  An estimated 6.5% of people over the age of twelve abuse painkillers, as opposed to Kentucky at 4.5%. At the same time, painkiller abuse in the Southern states has been steadily declining since 2007.  Public awareness campaigns and a crackdown on pill mills in Florida have evidently driven dealers out west, where they seem to have set up shop in southern California.  This new pill mill seems to be where the pipeline begins. Successful Policies Officials from western states are hoping to implement some of the workable policies from eastern states.

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March 18, 2013

The “Just Say No” campaign doesn’t seem to be biting as well as it used to, and parents are at a loss on how to help their children avoid drug abuse.  With so many conflicting messages these days, how does a teen make the right decision? Simply telling them to “Just say no” may not be enough, especially when their friends are urging them to have a good time and their parents drink and take prescription drugs all the time.  Nowadays, a teen needs to be much more informed on the actual effects of drugs and alcohol–not from Facebook or Twitter, but from facts.

Confusing Messages
The United States is fighting a massive prescription drug epidemic.  More people die from prescription drugs on a daily basis than cocaine and heroin combined.  People of all ages are getting high on Oxycontin or Adderall.  If your teen has been lucky enough to avoid an experience with a loved one battling prescription drug addiction, he can still find pills at parties and being pushed at school.  And if doctors give them out and his parents use them, aren’t they safe? Kids

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March 18, 2013

When life gets tough, a vast number of Americans turn to drug or alcohol abuse to take the edge off, and it looks like teens are following in their parents’ footsteps.  High school students commonly use marijuana and alcohol to ease the stresses of exams or social strife. A 2010 survey of American teens reveals that tenth-graders, in particular, report high rates of use.  Those who use multiple substances are at a much higher risk for physical and emotional problems. The Next Generation The study, conducted by the NEXT Generation Health study, surveyed 2,524 high school sophomores in eighty schools across nine United States school districts.  Researchers gathered the following statistics: •    26% of teens surveyed had used marijuana, which made it the most commonly abused illicit drug. •    35% had used alcohol, while 27% reported binge drinking. •    19% had smoked cigarettes. •    Out of those who used multiple substances, two-thirds reported prescription drug abuse.  Nine out of ten were involved in binge drinking.

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March 12, 2013

A new study in Dunedin, New Zealand reveals a possible relationship between risky sexual practice and addiction. Women with multiple sex partners had a higher risk of addiction and alcoholism, while men’s risk also increased but not by much. The Sex Partner Study Nearly all of the 1037 children born in 1972 and 1973 in New Zealand were surveyed as to sexual behavior and drug and alcohol abuse.  Only heterosexual sex was taken into account.  The following facts were collected: •    Promiscuity in women between the ages of 18 and 20 was linked to a tenfold likelihood of drug abuse in adulthood. •    Between the ages of 21 and 25, women with two or more partners were seven times more likely to get involved in drug or alcohol abuse at age 26. •    Women’s promiscuity before age 32 increased the chances of drug abuse nearly 18 times. •    The risks for men also went up, but not by much.  Promiscuity in men between the ages of 18 and 20 tripled the risk of drug addiction by age 21. •    Different socioeconomic circumstance

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