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The Newest Forms Of Drug Dealing

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

The days of heading to the “wrong side of town” and purchasing drugs from a dealer in a seedy neighborhood are long gone for most. With the recent prescription drug trends, drugs are becoming more and more available and the dealing of them is coming from places that no one suspected.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that 70% of teens alone are getting prescriptions from a friend or family member. There are also a percentage of teens and adults who are stealing prescriptions from loved ones medicine cabinets or seeing doctors to get fraudulent prescriptions written for them.

The Internet is another major source of drug distribution with online pharmacies and Pill Mills receiving orders for many addictive prescription drugs such as painkillers, sedatives, anti-anxiety medications and stimulants. The FBI reports that there are nearly 1400 web-sites allowing individuals to order prescription drugs illegally online.

There are also recent news stories covering the dealing of drugs outside of bars and nightclubs. Cell phones, texting and social media are some of the main areas of communication about drug transactions on the illegal market. Recently a young girl lost her life to a heroin overdose and on her phone was a trail of text messages tracking each time she bought and used the drug over a several month period. Emails through Facebook and other social media have also been used to communicate about the purchasing of narcotics.

While the opening of these communication lines can be positive in a number of ways including increasing the amount of work being completed, and reuniting friends and families they can also spell disaster for drug abusers. Drugs are more and more available and easier to get because of the many areas of communication that make it more and more available to purchase and use them.

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Is Pain Pill Addiction Overlooked In The NFL

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

According to the NFL Web Site averages of 63% of professional football players are injured during a one year period with 13% being characterized as serious physical injuries. Like when anyone else who  is injured playing a sport, NFL football players are treated by doctors, and end up having to do physical therapy or undergo surgery to heal their bodies. As part of the healing and pain management process players are also given medications; with the most prescribed being painkillers like Oxycodone, hydrocodone and Vicoden.

Over the years, as in any other televised and popular sport, there have been professional athletes who fell victim to addiction problems. Some, with an inability to handle fame and money turned to illicit drugs; others to alcohol. But now there is also a group of athletes with no drug history who are becoming addicted to prescriptions after being treated for a sports injury.

The most recent incident of this is with NFL football star Ray Lucas. The athlete played in the NFL until he retired in 2003 as a quarterback for several different teams including the Dolphins, Jets, Patriots and Ravens. Because of his sports injuries while playing he was prescribed pain pills and ended up getting hooked on them.

At one point Lewis was up to taking averages of 800 pills a month according to a recent article. He enrolled in a drug rehab program and was able to get off the prescriptions. Lewis now speaks publicly about his problem in an effort to help others who are struggling with addiction.

Prescription pain pill addiction has not only hit the professional sports arena but is a growing epidemic across the country with government statistics reporting over 5 million people using pain killers for non-medical reasons in the country. The problem has spiked the rate of deaths directly related to drugs and has caused an increase in crimes all over.

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