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The Newest Forms Of Drug Dealing

May 3, 2016

Addiction is a deadly serious issue that affects millions of Americans every year. More and more people fall victim to addiction every day. It is a problem that is not regulated to an individual. These issues are transcending urban city centers. ‘Nice’ suburban communities are not being overrun with substance abuse, addiction and drugs. The rise in drug abuse and addiction can be directly traced back to the rise in prescription drug sales over the last several years. Big pharmaceutical companies have made several fortunes from selling highly addictive drugs to the public. Irresponsible and negligent physicians have been prescribing dangerous drugs to those who should never take them. They also had out prescriptions to those who have been abusing the drugs for years. Over-prescribing is the cause for the rise in young adults’ prescription drug use, abuse and addiction. None of these drugs should be used for extended periods of time, yet people have been using them for years without fear. Prescription drugs might be regulated by a governing entity, but that does not make them safe to consume as if they were candy. Is your medical condition putting you at risk for addiction? Drug addicts never begin using drugs as addicts, nor do they have the intention of falling prisoner to a drug. Addiction is a progressive issue that takes time. Many addicts begin their long and destruct

April 25, 2016

Substance abuse and addiction are major issues that affect millions of Americans every year. This problem does not simply hurt the addict; the damage is much more widespread. Addiction can destroy families, relationships, health and careers. Overcoming addiction is a difficult task. Most addicts find it necessary to seek professional help through a treatment center; either inpatient or outpatient. Accepting treatment is the best way to overcome an addiction. In treatment an addict will learn to overcome the urge to abuse drugs or alcohol. They will discover the root cause of their addiction and what enabled it to continue. Career and skill building classes/sessions are also available at a number of different treatment programs. Here are five tips for rebuilding your career during addiction recovery. If you are overcoming addiction and looking to improve your career in the Houston area, look into the Career and Recovery Resources Inc. They can offer drug and alcohol services, while helping to build your career.

Take What You Can Get

Getting a job after addiction treatment can be difficult. It is especially difficult if you left your previous position in haste or in bad manner. Drug addiction cause good peo

April 17, 2016

Drug addiction is a complicated issue that millions of Americans suffer from every year. It is a problem that continues to hurt the government, economies and the family unit. Getting help can seem like a daunting task, but it does not have to be. Many families are able to get good help for their addicted loved ones. Addiction does not have a cure, rather it is a problem that recovering addicts must continue to work on. Many recovering addicts are unable to function in the real world after the completion of their treatment. Aftercare is a wonderful style of program that can help recovering addicts and their families adjust to new life. Most addicts require the help provided by aftercare programs to properly adjust to new life and utilize the lessons and skills learned in treatment. If you or a loved one is close to or have already completed an inpatient or outpatient treatment program you should seek an aftercare program to continue to recover from addiction.

Addiction Aftercare Treatment

Addiction aftercare treatment is a style of treatment that offers services to those who have completed an inpatient or outpatient treatment program. In most cases, these treatment services are only offered to those individuals who have been abstinent from substances for an extended period of time. They of

April 11, 2016

Drug abuse and addiction are major issues that affect millions of American families every year. Even though addiction continues to grow and information becomes more available most families are unable or unprepared to help their addicted loved ones. The stigma that still surrounds addiction can force families to ignore the problem at hand. Families should confront addiction as soon as it becomes known without fear. Young adults have the highest risk for substance abuse and addiction because they do not consider the consequences of their actions. Science has discovered physical proof that the part of the brain the analyzes risk is underdeveloped in teenagers. When you know your teen is abusing drugs get them help immediately. Getting treatment for an addiction does not have to be as difficult as families make it out to be either. There are several factors to consider when choosing a treatment center. Here are some tips to help you find the best addiction treatment for your teenager.

Get Informed

The best way to ensure that you get the best addiction treatment for your teen is to get as much information as possible. Addiction is a complicated problem that requires significant research. When choosing a possible treatment option you should contact a professional. There are a number of professional hotlines and addiction specialists who can help families make this crucial de

April 4, 2016

There are thousands of treatment centers and treatment options available for those suffering from addiction in the United States. Getting treatment for an addiction is a complicated process that should not be taken lightly. Addicts and their families should never settle for the first treatment center that comes up in a search or in the yellow pages. Choosing the most expensive or cheapest rehab is not a good way to choose a treatment program. There are a number of factors that addicts and their loved ones should consider before choosing a treatment center. It has been clinically proven that inpatient treatment centers are the best and most successful options for treating an addiction. Many cases addicts are unable or unwilling to enter an inpatient treatment center. Thankfully, there are several wonderful outpatient treatment options that can help. Here are some of the reasons not to overlook outpatient rehab options.

Treatment for Your Addiction

Addiction is an incredibly complex problem; therefore, it requires a complex program to overcome it. Addicts must consider this when choosing a drug treatment program. They should choose programs that treat the addiction to which they are struggling. The treatment program should have experience with what they are going through and offer a program that is unique to their needs. The treatment center does not have to deal remotel

March 28, 2016

The United States is dealing with a significant drug problem in its current situation. Drug abuse and addiction continue to plague communities and states from coast to coast. Billions of dollars have been spent to increase knowledge, prevent experimentation and deal with the problems that substance abuse causes. There are thousands of treatment programs and hotlines available to help those in need, and yet addiction and abuse continue to destroy families. Just as one drug’s popularity seems to be declining there is another drug that comes in to fill its place. Synthetic drugs are becoming ever-so-popular with the rise of internet based sales. Opiate painkillers are especially dangerous in this country. The United States currently consumes the majority of the opiate based medications of the world, while having a very small percentage of its population. Ultram is a new drug that seems to be gaining popularity. Unfortunately, there are many unknowns and misrepresentations of the drug.

What is Ultram?

Ultram is the brand name for the generic drug Tramadol. This drug is an analgesic used to treat and prevent pain. This drug is not considered a narcotic, nor is it a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. The drug works by acting on the parts of the brain that sends and receives messages relating to pain. The drug bind

March 21, 2016

Alcohol abuse is a dangerous problem. Millions of Americans have experienced alcoholism in one form or another in their lifetime. Alcohol has become part of our culture and a dangerous one. Alcohol is part of most cultures in the world, but not all have such dangerous relationships with this historic elixir. Alcohol abuse is dangerous because alcohol is legal and consumed by the majority of the world. Many problematic drinkers are able to continue to abuse alcohol in a dangerous manner without being recognized as a problem. Those suffering from alcohol addiction need to get professional help as soon as possible. Treatment always begins with detox. While reducing and or stopping drinking alcohol is the goal of treatment it might not be the best idea to do at home. Severe alcoholism can create potential health hazards for those who stop using abruptly. It is recommended that alcoholics seek professional help for detox to reduce the chances of the dangerous side effects of detox.

Alcohol Consumption

Drinking habits have been categorized as north and south, which pertain to the styles of alcohol use in northern and south Europe. Northern European drinkers are synonymous with heavy, concentrated periods of drinking, which is similar to binge drinking. Southern European drinking habits are characterized by continuous drinking that is much more moderate than their northern co

March 14, 2016

Drug addiction and substance abuse continues to be a dangerous problem for the United States. Many states and communities have been experiencing rises in substance abuse and other related issues. As a result of these problems there has been an increase in assistance available to those seeking help. This country has a plethora of treatment options for addicts, yet many do not seek the help they require to overcome addiction. When families do reach out for help they can find themselves overwhelmed by the options. There are many different treatment centers, programs and systems of treatment. They all state to be the best and offer the highest of quality programs. These treatments market statistics that can confuse families looking to get a loved one help. These are a few tips that can help make sense of drug rehab statistics.

Drug Abuse Statistics

The United States spends millions of dollars every year in drug related issues. Drug abuse and addiction is still on the rise. Teenagers have the highest risk for substance abuse. In 2014, Monitoring the Future study conducted a survey of 377 public and private schools to determine the teenage drug abuse/addiction statistics for the country. The use of alcohol and cigarettes has declined over the last ten years, but illicit drug use has incre

March 7, 2016

Families coping with drug abuse or addiction struggle with everyday life. Addiction causes danger and turmoil in every aspect of the family unit. It is incredibly dangerous and destructive. Families often seek help when dealing with addicted loved ones. Interventions are the most popular and successful tools that families can utilize to show an addict the damage their addictions are causing. These families gather in a safe place with the addict and discuss the danger they are putting themselves in and how addiction is destroying the lives of those around them. The goal of intervention is to get the addict to accept treatment and enter an addiction rehabilitation center. When people think about interventions they normally imagine a high intensity, stressful situation; one very similar to those portrayed on reality television. In truth, there are a number of different types of interventions that families can use. There are non-confrontational strategies that are gaining popularity. CRAFT is just one of many that focuses on educating the family unit on drugs, addiction, behavior, safety, and communication. Interventions are not simple one-time events that families conduct and then move on. These techniques are much more than a one-time meeting. Families, friends and loved ones must prepare and plan the i

February 29, 2016

Though Crack is made from cocaine and frequently called “Crack Cocaine,” the two substances differ in a variety of ways, including cost, availability, usage and impacts on the user. Both Crack and Cocaine, however, have caused damage to addicts and their families for many years.

What is Cocaine?

Cocaine is a synthetic drug that is created by combining Coca paste with Hydrochloric Acid. The result of this manufacturing process is a fine, white powder with a crystalline structure. On the street, the drug has been known as “Coke,” “C,” and “Blow.” Dealers will often cut Cocaine with similar looking substances, such as sugar, when selling it to addicts. Like Crack, Cocaine use reached epidemic levels in the 1980’s and early 1990’s. While the use of Cocaine has diminished, it is still prevalent in society today, making it the second most trafficked drug in the entire world. Powder Cocaine is more expensive then Crack and is typically snorted by users. Once snorted, the user may not experience its effects for up to 20 minutes. The high, however, can last up to an hour. Cocaine use can cause: • Increased heart rate; • Erratic behavior; • Paranoia; • Insomnia; • Anxiety; • Tremors or muscle spasms; • Stroke; • Headache; • Coma; • Respiratory arrest; • Damage to internal organs; and even • Death.

What is Crack?

Crack is made