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The Newest Forms Of Drug Dealing

July 24, 2016

Millions of people in this country suffer from substance abuse and/or addiction. These are complex issues that require serious determination and stamina to overcome. Getting professional help is the best way to overcome an addiction since most addicts require treatment centers and long term programs to successfully maintain long term sobriety. Abusing dangerous substances can cause serious damage to a number of parts of a life. Addiction affects the mind, body and spirit of a person. It can damage and completely destroy lifelong relationships and even cause deep, irreparable schisms in families. The damages it causes to health are significant. Every aspect of a person’s body is damaged. Oral health is especially at risk because these harsh chemicals are generally ingested orally. Here are four ways that substance abuse affects oral health.

Alcohol and the Mouth

Alcohol is especially dangerous to oral health because many alcoholic drinks contain lots of sugar. Beer and mixed drinks contain massive amounts of sugar, not to mention empty calories. Studies have shown that those with drinking problems are seriously malnourished. Increased amounts of sugar weaken the enamel on the teeth and help to cause decay. Alcohol can also increase the amount of vomiting that an in

July 18, 2016

Getting drug or alcohol addiction treatment is a giant step towards a happier and healthier life. For most, taking that step is very difficult, which is why there is a small window for entering treatment at that moment. Once in treatment an addict goes through several parts of their recovery. The first stage is an assessment at which time the addict is assessed by a professional. He or she analyzes the extent of the addiction and provides a strategy for their recovery. The second stage of recovery is detox. Here, the addict completely rids himself or herself of all drugs, chemicals or toxins left in their system. After detox the addict engages a series of therapies, counseling sessions and activities. This last stage of the treatment program is used to treat the mind and the body of the recovering addict. Addiction is very complex and therefore requires a complex treatment to overcome. Drugs and alcohol change the way the brain and body function to such an degree that the individual must relearn how to live. Rehab is absolutely necessary after a detox because detox only rids the body of drugs, chemicals and toxins. It does not treat the body and mind of the addict. Without rehab after detox, the addict’s chances of relapsing back into addictive behavior increase exponentially.

Length of Withdrawal Symptoms


July 11, 2016

Recovering from addiction is tough. It is a long and arduous process that requires complete focus and dedication. Addiction is complex and very powerful. Most addicts require the aid of a trained professional and treatment center to overcome their addiction. Drugs and alcohol change the chemical makeup of the brain, how the body functions and how people respond to the world. Addicts must relearn how to deal with stress, anxiety, pressure and all the other emotions of being human. Living life without drugs or alcohol can be stressful for those going through recovery. The process is a struggle, but there are a number of ways to deal with that stress. Here are several tips on how to deal with chronic stress while in recovery.

Chronic Stress

The body reacts to stress the same way it reacts to an infection. It releases what called cytokines to combat the stress. While this chemical, cytokines, help to fight the ‘infection’ of stress that alert and reaction on the body also produces stress. In normal people, the release of cytokines and productive stress fighting techniques allows the person to return to normalcy or equilibrium in a few hours or a day or two. For those with chronic stress that second pulse of stress is a double hit of stress that can last for months. Life can seem unbearable for those suffering from chronic stress while in treatment. The answer is self-c

July 4, 2016

Drug abuse and addiction can affect every aspect of life. When people think about and discuss addiction they often conjure images of a single person locked in their own solitude and dissolute situations. The truth is that addiction affects everything. Addiction can destroy a family, home and career. Work and addiction do not mix. While some people are functioning addicts and can continue to maintain efficiency at work it often comes at a price. Millions of Americans cost themselves and their employers millions of dollars every year as a result of the drug and alcohol abuse. Thankfully there are a number of different programs and resources that addicts and their employers can utilize to help themselves and their employees overcome addiction. Employee assistance programs are used to help those suffering from addiction.

What are Employee Assistance Programs

Problems are a part of life. The degree of success a person has in life is a result of their ability to handle those problems. Employee assistance programs are utilized to help employees deal with any problem they have that could be damaging their lives and productivity at work. Employees struggling with any number of issues can use the services of EAP’s to help them. These services include therapy, follow-up services, coun

June 28, 2016

Weddings are wondrous moments in couple’s lives that they will remember forever. It is a glorious time where families come together to watch two people commit to one and other. Planning these celebrations can be incredibly stressful, but it does not have to be. High expectations, societal pressure and family stress can make this part of the wedding though. If you or a loved one is in addiction recovery this planning could be even more difficult. Alcohol is almost always part of the wedding. The bar and the toast are two of the more critical parts of the whole celebration. There are several different things to consider when planning a wedding when addiction is present. Addiction is devastating for the addict as well as their family. Families can suffer the most because it is difficult to watch a loved one destroy everything. Recovering is a beautiful part of an addict’s story. It can be difficult and trying for all those involved, but it must be done. Planning a wedding while in addiction recovery will be difficult, but with these five tips it can be done.

Create a Safety Plan

The first thing to do when planning a wedding while in recovery is to create a safety plan. That will require a team of family, friends and recovery supporters who will work t

June 20, 2016

The image of addiction is invariably a decrepit one that produces pity and disbelief. How is it that a person can do that to themselves? This is a common question, which is almost immediately followed by a familiar comment. I could never be addicted to drugs or alcohol. I have way too much self-control or determination to become an addict. The truth is that the face of addiction is much more ‘normal’ than most people would image. Some might even disagree with the fact that they, their friends, parents, children and ‘nice/normal’ neighbors could be addicts. Addiction is a complicated issue that affects millions of people every day. It does not discriminate. White, red, black, brown, rich, poor, successful, unsuccessful, happy and sad people alike are at risk of addiction. No matter where you can from or who you are, you are not immune to addiction; it can happen to anyone at any time. You cannot be too old or too young to be an addict. Addiction can strike at any age. In fact, young adults/adolescents are more at risk for developing an addiction. Their developing brain, body and minds are more susceptible to addicts, which is especially dangerous because the lack of responsibility.

Risky Behavior Normal for Teens

Teenagers are more likely to develop an addiction than oth

June 13, 2016

Getting professional help for an addiction is the best way to overcome that addiction. Substance abuse and addiction treatment centers use scientific methods to help those suffering from addiction get sober. Through statistical analysis, paired with decades of addiction research, these rehabilitation centers use a system of treatment that allows addicts to understand their addiction and provide tools for long term sobriety. When returning to society, many addicts can experience a number of different ‘shocks’ as they reenter the world without drugs. The tools and techniques they learned in recovery will be tested on a daily basis as they struggle to remain clean. Treatment is not a cure for addiction, therefore recovering addicts must continue to develop and grow as sober members of society. Since treatment requires the recovering addict to be ‘separate’ from society, enablers and temptations, they create an environment free from the ‘real world’. As a result, recovering addicts who return to society and their lives often experience a “Culture Shock”. Here are five ways recovering addicts experience “Culture Shock” when returning to the real world.

Humility is Key

One of the first lessons of drug addiction treatment is to remain humble. Many addict

June 6, 2016

Coping with drug addiction is a difficult and troubling issue that thousands of Americans struggle with every year. Getting help is a difficult process when you struggle with drug addiction. The love and support of family members can make it easier to overcome addiction. After receiving the help from a treatment center the recovery process is not over. Recovering addicts must continue to work on their recovery after they exit treatment. There is no cure for addiction, overcoming it requires continued work. The strategies that recovering addicts learn in treatment must be practiced and added to long after the end of treatment. Cravings for drugs and alcohol will be present and heightened when people, places or things remind a recovering addict about using. There are a number of techniques that recovering addicts learn to reduce cravings or those situations that increase the likelihood of cravings. Reducing stress is the best way to help avoid relapse because it is a major reason recovering addicts relapse.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Individuals become addicted to drugs and alcohol for a number of different reasons. Addiction is a progressive issue, meaning that it does not happen suddenly. No one begins using drugs or alcohol with the goal of becoming addicted, but unfortunately it happens. Why

May 29, 2016

Most drugs have some sort of side effects. Side effects range from drug to drug and person to person. Not all people will experience the same side effects of a certain drug. It is important to read drug labels carefully before consuming drugs. These side effects can be dangerous and hazardous to your health. The more you understand about a drug the safer it is to take. Side effects are the unintended and unpleasant effects that drugs have on the body. By understanding what those side effects are individuals are capable of understanding the difference between them and addiction. Prescription drugs, even when taken as recommended by a doctor, can be addicting. Many people have become addicts as a result of taking prescription medications as prescribed by a physician. Understanding the difference between addiction symptoms and drug side effects can help those from developing an addiction and/or the discomfort of side effects.

Drug Side Effects

As the United States is one of two nations that allows for drug companies to market their products. As such, most Americans are familiar with the drug commercials that air every five minutes on television programs. These commercials can be humorous since the listing of side effects can be as long as the ‘pitch’ for the drug itself. In most cases, it would seem that the side effects of the drug is worse than what illness it is tr

May 23, 2016

Drug addiction is seen in a certain light, a very negative one. The thought of addiction conjures images of the worst possible state of humanity: people living in squalor, begging for change and nodding out in a dark and dirty alley. The truth is addiction is everywhere, not just bad neighborhoods of terrible cities. The rise in prescription drug abuse continues expand the reach of drug abuse. The problem with drug abuse and addiction is that it has this terrible stigma. Addiction is a progressive issue that is characterized by chronic drug searching and consuming. It can be difficult for individuals to realize they are continuing on a road towards addiction. It can be difficult to detect. Many addicts are able to mask their addiction and carry on with ‘normal’ lives. Medical professionals have a high risk of substance abuse and addiction for a variety of reasons. Hectic and stressful career, false confidence and access to drugs make medical professionals more at risk for drug abuse and addiction.

Medical Professionals and Addiction

Medical professionals would seem like the least likely demographic to abuse or be addicted to drugs. Their education, expertise and experience with drugs and the consequences of those drugs seem to be a great deterrent for substance use and abuse. T