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Drug and Alcohol Counseling with a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor

Choosing the right drug and alcohol counselor can mean the difference between successful recovery and an unnecessary setback. It’s even been shown that addicts who try to quit and wind up relapsing experience more difficulty quitting in the long run. That’s why it’s so crucial that you find effective alcohol drug counseling as soon as possible for yourself or for someone you love. Your search is over! The Elevate Addiction Service drug and alcohol abuse counseling program is precisely what you’ve been looking for, so give us a call today at 800-556-8885.

Drug and Alcohol Counseling Benefits

If quitting were easy to do alone, there would be no such thing as addiction. Admitting that you have an addiction to alcohol or drugs is just the first step for you or your loved one. A drug and alcohol abuse counselor fully understands the nature of addiction. Not only does the typical alcohol substance abuse counselor know the best techniques for making it through the most trying aspects of the process, but they can provide a level of empathy and support that friends and family, who are too close to the situation, cannot.

The Elevate Addiction Service drug rehab professionals at 800-556-8885 are available both for those who struggle with addiction and for those who know someone with an addiction problem. Let us be the professional guidance you or your loved one needs to thrive.

Advantages of Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Counseling

Some addicts find success from meeting with an outpatient alcohol and drug counselor. However, many more find success by meeting with an alcohol drug counselor in a residential setting. When our clients move into the Elevate Addiction Service facility, they’re able to completely shut out distractions and temptations and focus on their recovery. Throughout their stay, they will meet with a certified alcohol and drug abuse counselor, who will not only monitor their progress during alcohol withdrawal, but who will also help them work on improving their self-esteem.

Along with self-esteem, the Elevate Addiction Service drug and alcohol abuse counselor will help them set achievable goals and improve their life skills. By the time they walk out of our door, our clients have a plan for a brighter future.

Medication-Free Drug Alcohol Counseling

While some drug and alcohol counseling programs treat addiction with medication, the Elevate Addiction Service program boasts a high success rate—and that’s without medication. Medication can cause a new form of addiction in the addict’s already chemically-laden body. The body is capable of restoring itself to natural health via withdrawal alone, but only safely when under the supervision of an alcohol drug abuse counselor. In the Elevate Addiction Service program, we accelerate the withdrawal process through a healthy diet, exercise and sauna program.

Finding an Alcohol and Drug Counselor

Over 7 in 10 of the Elevate Addiction Service drug alcohol counseling graduates stay addiction-free without relapse. That’s a success rate unmatched by many other common alcohol and drug abuse counseling programs. When you speak with one of our qualified drug rehab professionals over the phone, you’ll learn more about the advantages of our alcohol and drug counseling programs. Picture yourself or your loved one on the path to recovery—picture yourself or them at Elevate Addiction Service!

Call 800-556-8885 without delay to start speaking with a Elevate Addiction Service drug and alcohol counselor. Our professionals can also call you if you first fill out our online contact form.

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