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Alcoholism Treatment and Options for Rehabilitation

To the addict, recovery can often seem an impossible goal. If you or a loved one suffers from alcoholism, professional alcoholism treatment can make the impossible very possible, so long as the addict participates in the most effective treatment for alcoholism. If 12-step therapy and medications have let you or your loved one down, call Elevate Addiction Service for proven effective alcoholism rehab at an incredible 76% success rate. Our alcoholism treatments do not replace one drug with another; instead, we teach addicts to believe in themselves and use willpower and goal-setting to overcome the addiction.

Treatment of Alcoholism: Use of Medication

Some doctors prescribe medications, such as anti-depressants, to “help” addicts deal with their addictions. When searching for alcoholism treatment options for yourself or a loved one, you can consider medication. However, the problem with medication-based treatments for alcoholism is two-fold:

  1. When medication works, it doesn’t get rid of the problem. If an addict is lucky enough to feel better with medication—which isn’t guaranteed by any means—they’ll be right back where they started the instant they stop taking medication. In fact, they’re going to be worse.
  2. Adding chemicals to the body creates an additional addiction. Addiction centers also help people addicted to prescriptions for a reason: Medication is addictive. Withdrawal from medication addiction is similar to withdrawal from alcohol addiction: The addict feels sick when they stop taking the substance, so they continue to take the substance to feel better for a time, but the body becomes chemically dependent on the substance.

The Elevate Addiction Service alcoholism addiction treatment program is medication-free. Instead, we use a combination of sauna sessions, exercise and a healthy diet to completely remove alcohol from the addict’s system.

Alcoholism Rehabilitation: Frequent or Infrequent Treatment

When one considers alcoholism and treatment, one has to wonder how it’s possible to treat a life-shattering problem with outpatient alcoholism rehab treatment. But that’s exactly what 12-step programs and private therapists intend to do: offer treatment of alcoholism on a part-time basis. And that’s exactly why addicts fail.

The alcoholism rehabilitation program at a residential facility such as Elevate Addiction Service has a better success rate than many of the outpatient programs. Why? We offer addicts the chance to take control of their own alcoholism treatment. Without the right environment and 24/7 support, an alcoholic may succumb to the pressure of addiction. Once removed from negative influences, the addict has a much greater chance of success.

Starting Treatments for Alcoholism

When you consider the alcoholism treatment options for yourself or your loved one, do you want to rely on medication? Do you want the alcoholic to only undergo treatment for alcoholism part-time? Or do you want the alcoholic to commit to alcoholism treatments that actually have a proven track record of success—and without replacing one drug for another?

Call 800-556-8885 today to speak with our alcoholism rehab professionals. We’ve also got an easy, online form you can fill out to get the process started.

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