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Crime Related to Crack Cocaine

Crack cocaine is responsible for a myriad of social ills, such as the breakdown of families and communities, as well as an increase in drug related crime. This is why Cocaine Rehab is devoted to ridding the world of addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Crack Cocaine Abuse and Crime

Crack cocaine is the direct and indirect cause of violence and crime in many cities across the US. In the Texas city of Houston, attacks, carjackings, residential burglaries, shootings, and other crimes of this nature are carried out by gangs who deal in the sale and distribution of crack cocaine.  Crack cocaine addicts also commit burglaries and other crimes to fuel their habits.

In 2005 and 2006 violence noticeably rose in Houston.  The F.B.I. attributes this rise to Hurricane Katrina.  They say the tragedy in New Orleans caused a number of people to move to move to the Houston area.  Among these people were gang members, traffickers of drugs, and drug addicts.  As a result, crime increased in Houston, particularly crime related to crack cocaine.  The gangs from New Orleans showed up in full force and worked quickly to terrorize the Houston gangs.  As a result, crime relating to gang activity has greatly increased.

The reason Houston is such a big market for crack cocaine is because there are a lot of users in that area.  The reason why there is a great deal of users there is because cocaine seems to be easily trafficked across the border from neighboring Mexico.  In the early 2000s, in just a three year span, the amount of people being admitted into treatment in Texas increased nearly forty percent.  More specifically, the amount of people being treated for cocaine in Texas more than doubled during that time.  During this same time frame (2003 to 2005), deaths related to cocaine without any other drug present in the blood stream rose almost 60%.

How You Can Get Help for Crack Cocaine Addiction

There are numerous choices out there when it comes to recovery, so you have to find the treatment that is right for you.  If you have tried the 12-Step modality without success, and you want to break free from addiction once and for all, you should call a Registered Addiction Specialist right away at Elevate Addiction Services Cocaine Rehab.  When you graduate from our Program, you will no longer be an addict.  You will be a drug-free, contributing member of society with the ability to control your life and remain happy without drugs.

Why is Cocaine Abuse Treatment So Successful?

We don’t have conviction in the concept of “once an addict, always an addict.” This is very damaging to a recovering drug abusers self-esteem, and completely untrue. It influences an individual to believe that even if they were to discontinue the use of drugs for the rest of their life, they will still be a drug addict.  A person can create a new way of living and free themself from the grips of drug and alcohol addiction forever.  cocaine abuse treatment believes that people hooked on drugs and alcohol are not without hope; they are just men and women who need to acquire a new way of life, which gives them enough happiness that they will not have a yearning to change how they feel through drugs and alcohol.

  • Our Program is long-term (between 4 and 6 months)
  • Thorough Physical Detox and Rehabilitation
  • Extensive Life Skills Training
  • Graduate Success and Aftercare Plan

Our select drug and alcohol treatment and life skills education program is very effective. Our goal is to ensure that our clients continue to be drug and alcohol free, and more importantly productive and happy.  Clients who complete our Program typically do not have the longing to revert to their old ways of life. Elevate Addiction Services Drug and Alcohol Rehab graduates alter their lives with self-confidence, control, and the skill to achieve their goals without feeling the need to use mind-altering chemicals. We have had well over 1500 graduates.

How to Contact Elevate Addiction Services

If you know someone addicted to cocaine or crack cocaine or any other dangerous drug, please contact a Registered Addiction Specialist at Elevate Addiction Services immediately.  Just dial 1-800-556-8885.  We are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  We support a drug-free world, and work diligently to achieve this goal one person at a time.