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Detox Drug Rehab

Detox Rehab from Drugs

Programs Provide Successful Detox Drug Rehab Solutions

If you or someone you care about is in need of drug detox and rehab, is the program of choice. Our success rate speaks for itself in terms of credibility. We can proudly boast that an astonishing 76% of the program graduates choose to remain drug-free. 7 out of 10 graduates are still addiction after a 5 year period. These individuals live full and productive lives. is the most successful detox and rehab program in existence. The bottom line is, this program gets results. You can call us right now – we’re happy to answer questions and address your concerns.


is not a new concept. In fact, we have been providing addiction treatment services and drug education for over 40 years. Our comprehensive program is exclusive, with its own form of effective treatment therapy and physical purification.

Our unique approach to detox from drugs sets us apart from other programs. The method is based on sauna treatments, vitamins, and exercise. This drug-free technique has proven results – our graduates remain drug-free.

The thorough detoxification cleanses the body of toxic traces of drug residuals. This essential detox rehab leaves the individual feeling healthier and stronger. At that point clients are ready to begin the educational components of the program.

As clients progress through the program they learn how to regain control of their lives. Their self-esteem is uplifted and they feel self-confident and ready to face the future. We help them realize that they have power over their addiction and over their lives. With ’s detox and rehab program, there is a road that leads out of the chaos and confusion of addiction.

Our Detox Rehab Program Results In Lasting Recovery

The high success rate of the program can be attributed to the time-tested and matchless, 4-phase approach to detox and drug rehab. This method works to fully rehabilitate the addict and to eliminate the desire to use drugs.

  • Phase I consists of the drug-free detoxification.
  • Phase II includes educational therapies designed to help clients regain self-control.
  • Phase III focuses on helping clients build self-esteem and curing the need for drugs.
  • Phase IV of the program assists the graduate with a successful re-entry into society, work and family life.


As you can see, although the detox rehab is the cornerstone of this unique program, that is only the initial phase. And even though the program is structured, clients progress at their own pace. Completion of the program can take 3 to 6 months, depending on the individual client. The goal is successful completion of the program. We want our graduates to remain drug-free for the long term.

If you or someone you love is in need of detox drug rehab solutions, don’t settle for less than the best program available. Call 800-556-8885 and speak with a detox drug rehab professional today.

Our clients are treated with respect, compassion and empathy. We help them to get back to being the person they used to be before the addiction began. This gives them the opportunity to then move forward with their lives in a positive, addiction-free way.