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Florida Drug Rehabilitation

Are you looking for a drug rehab in Florida? If you are reading this article, you have already made the first step! Here at Elevate Addiction Service, it is our goal to help people to get in touch with the highest quality drug treatment facilities available.  We can help you find the right rehab program for you, and also help you handle this problem once and for all!

It can be difficult to know which facility to choose with so many different options out there. With treatment modalities including inpatient and outpatient facilities, short-term and long-term drug treatment programs, addiction counseling and support group meetings, you may not know which is the best option for you. Statistically, longer-term inpatient drug and alcohol treatment facilities have the highest success rates and allow people the time they need to make the changes necessary to overcome an addiction.

Florida Drugs and Alcohol

Eight percent of Florida residents within the past month have used illicit drugs of some kind, be it opiates, heroin or something entirely different. Then, there is the issue of drug-related deaths:  the Florida rate is higher than the national average. Florida experiences 16.1 drug-related deaths per 100,000 people, whereas the national average hovers around 12.7 per 100,000 people. These kinds of deaths in Florida increased exponentially within the decade of the 2000s, climbing up 61 percent. If that does not paint a bleak picture of substance abuse, then what does?

Meth labs are also a real problem in Florida. In recent years, the rate of meth labs seized by the government in Florida leapt up 148 percent. Despite this, marijuana remains the most widely abused drug in Florida, as is commonplace nationwide. 28 percent of Florida residents between the ages of 18 to 25 used marijuana in the past month.

Nearly 16 percent of Florida residents of 18 to 25 reported having a dependency or complicated issue with alcohol within the past year. Binge drinking is not as trouble a trend as it in some states; only 40 percent of Florida residents (ages 18 – 25) said they had within the past month.

Failure of Traditional Drug Treatment Programs Drug Treatment Program Reality

One of the fundamental components of addictions the physical component of addiction. When a person uses drug substances the liver breaks these substances down into smaller components. These next end up getting stored in the body’s fatty tissues.  When a person then tries to get sober, these substances can affect them later on. Any time that person elevates their heart rate and starts to burn fat, they get released back into the bloodstream; it can act as if they took a small amount of the substance.

This can lead to intense drug cravings. This is why some people, after getting treatment and seemingly doing well for a period of time, go back to drugs and alcohol down the road for no rational reason.

Elevate Addiction Service addiction treatment programs address this physical component of addiction through an exceptional detoxification program.  By using a combination of exercise, healthy eating, proper sleep, as well as vitamin therapy and physical detoxification, Elevate Addiction Service drug rehab programs are able to rid the body of these drug residuals. and Thus, we restore a person physically to a state that they were prior to addiction.

In order for complete treatment of the individual, a program must not just address one component of addiction.  Rather, addiction is a holistic affliction that requires treating the individual as a whole and not merely in segments.

Elevate Addiction Service treatment facilities use a unique blend of therapy and education as well as life skills to address the psychological issues that are at the root of all addictions.  Through addressing the psychological problems that started a person using drugs or alcohol, we can help the individual regain his power of choice over his addiction.

When an individual is recovered to the point that he or she is completely comfortable without drugs, the need to continue using them is eliminated. The knowledge gained makes the choice to remain drug free more manageable than one could have thought was possible before.

Making the Decision to Beat Addiction for Good

Maybe Elevate Addiction Service is the first drug treatment facility you are seriously considering. We are confident that Elevate Addiction Service’s addiction treatment facilities can help aid serious sobriety. We guide individuals on relapse prevention techniques, as well as a variety of other factors to support wellness.

Individuals do not get addicted to a substance overnight. Rather, addiction is often a symptom of a person’s inability to face certain aspects of life; they then turn to drugs or alcohol as a horrible “answer” to these problems.

Before they know it, they find themselves trapped in the cycle of addiction and cannot break free on their own.  Our addiction treatment programs teach life-based skills that help an individual to confront any situation without turning to the use of drugs or alcohol.

These treatment facilities in Florida and the US also give a person the tools to repair his or her past transgressions and damaged relationships so he or she can move forward and build a new, realized future. Relapse prevention techniques are also taught so people are able to spot how they are doing at any given point in time and continually improve any area of their lives and correct their actions before any relapse.

Addiction treatment centers go about meeting the specific needs of their individual clients in different ways; however, Elevate Addiction Service treatment facilities have helped Florida residents with the highest documented success rates of any treatment facilities in the world.

Know that you are not alone in this problem; you are not ever alone, in Florida or anywhere else addiction may find you.  Thousands of people enter treatment in Florida each year seeking an end to their addiction. It can often be crushing, trying to help a loved one with an alcohol or drug addiction or to overcome one yourself.  Let us help you.

Drug Rehab in Florida – How to Get Help

We can help you to find a drug treatment program that is right for you in Florida and get you or a loved one on their way to attaining permanent sobriety.

Again:  you don’t have to do this alone!

Call toll free 800-556-8885 to speak to a professional Registered Addiction Specialist. You can also fill out the Florida drug treatment request form and you will be contacted by a counselor soon.

Drug Rehabs In Florida

Drug Rehab in Florida