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Searching for Answers: Q&A on Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers.

Q:  My husband has admitted that he has a cocaine problem; however, he refuses to go to a drug and alcohol rehab center.  He says he can just quit.  He’s been saying this for six months now, and his still using.  He’s on the verge of losing his job, and we’re behind on our mortgage. What should I do?

A:  First, remember that this is your husband’s addiction, not yours. However, there are certain steps that you can take to help your husband reach the point where HE is willing to get help for his cocaine addiction.


  1. Get Educated. Research drug and alcohol rehab centers.  There are many factors to consider when choosing a drug program such as the success rate of the program, the location, length, and price.  What methods do they use? What services and follow-up do they provide?  Remember, the better educated you are on drug rehab centers that are available, the more likely you are to sell your husband on the right treatment option for his addiction.
  2. Intervene.  This doesn’t mean flush his cocaine down the toilet, or make him sleep in the spare bedroom.  This means organize an intervention.  Use a professional who is trained in this field.  Gather loved ones and make sure that everyone has the same common goal in mind – to get your husband to the right drug and alcohol rehab center.


Remember that you are already one step ahead since your husband has already admitted that he has a problem.  Now, it’s simply a matter of becoming educated about what drug rehab center is right for him and intervening so that he can get the help he needs and your marriage, your home, and ultimately his life can be saved.


Q:  I’m twenty-three years old and have been battling with crystal-meth for 4 years.  I keep trying to go to meetings, but I always relapse.  My parents said that they would pay for a drug and alcohol rehab center, but they want me to go to some rehab that lasts for like 3 months. I keep telling them that I have a job that won’t wait that long.  Isn’t 28 days enough?


A: The answer is simple. No. 28 days is rarely enough to combat a crystal meth addiction. 28 day drug and alcohol rehab centers have extremely low success rates. Remember this is your life at stake and perhaps your last chance. A 90 day program or longer will you give the time that you need to truly overcome your addiction.  Ask yourself this:  Would you give up your life to save your job?


Almost all 28 day programs recommend NA or AA meetings as a follow-up.  Since you have already tried meetings and have found that you continue to use meth, a different method of treating drug addiction would be more appropriate for you. Research different types of drug and alcohol rehab centers and find one that uses an alternative method.   A good place to start is You are well on your way to overcoming your meth addiction.  It can be done.  Don’t give up on yourself.


Q:  My husband keeps telling me I drink too much and that I should go to an alcohol rehab program.  I probably do drink a little too much, but I’m no alcoholic.  Besides, a drug and alcohol rehab center would cost too much and my husband is not thinking about who will take care of the children while he is at work.  I’ve heard that there’s a pill that I can take that will reduce my cravings for alcohol. With so much to do everyday, isn’t this a better option than taking the time to go to rehab?


A: Unfortunately, many people fall into the “quick fix” trap associated with drug and alcohol addiction.  Yes, there are medications available to decrease your cravings for alcohol.  However appealing this may seem, there is still no pill to deal with the reasons why you started drinking to begin with.  Alcoholism is deceiving, and although you may not see yourself as an alcoholic, your husband was concerned enough to bring it up in the first place.  Attending a drug and alcohol rehab center may cost you more than a monthly prescription and it may take time away from your children, but what has your drinking cost you already?  How much more will it cost you if your “magic” pill doesn’t quite do the trick?  Alcoholism can be overcome; however, it is more than just a craving that led you to drink, and you must deal with all the issues that surround your alcoholism in order to live a sober and productive life.


About the Author:
John Frank does research in the drug treatment field and has helped several individuals and families, including his own brother, find the right program and overcome addiction.