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Effective drug Rehab Program

70% Success Rate makes The Most Effective Drug Rehab Program

You just found the most effective drug rehab program available

Individuals seeking drug rehab want effective treatment that will put an end to addiction for good. When you are in need of an effective drug rehab program the most important thing to look for is a program with a high success rate. That above all else will help determine if the program is worthwhile.

The success rate of the program is second to none. Thousands of people have completed the drug rehabilitation program to go on to live their lives in a productive and drug-free manner.

Drug addiction is a problem that affects the addict as well as the people around him or her. As the addiction grows the addict is likely to lose control in various areas of his life. Friends and co-workers often find themselves watching helplessly as the addict’s life spirals out of control.

Finding an effective drug rehab program is key to ending this vicious spiral. Besides treating the addiction itself it is imperative that psychological and health issues are also addressed.


The effective drug rehab programs provided by ensure that clients receive treatment from professional experts. These skilled specialists understand the addiction process and they can provide individualized drug treatment plans that help the client achieve and preserve soberness.

We use a time-tested approach that is provided in four phases. This method not only works to fully rehabilitate addicts, but it also eliminates the desire to use drugs as an escape mechanism ever again. Below is a brief breakdown of the Phases of our approach:

  • Phase I: Our sauna-based, drug-free detox program rids the body of drug residuals.
  • Phase II: ’s special educational therapies gently assist the addict to master self-control.
  • Phase III: Addition educational therapies help the client to increase self-esteem and cure any need for drugs in the future.
  • Phase IV: We don’t say goodbye when the addict is ready to go back into society. A follow-up program tracks progress and is there to help them every step of the way.

Drug-Free Detox

Sauna-based detox is the foundation of ’s rehabilitation approach. Rather than treating addiction with medications,  we use sauna treatments to rid the body of toxins and residue from every conceivable source — street drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol etc.

When traces of drugs are left in the body they can remain there for years. The residues can trigger a variety of symptoms, including drug cravings and depression.

Our medically supervised program includes:

–          Exercise
–          Dry sauna sweating
–          Vitamin therapy

Each of these processes helps to rid the fatty tissues of the body of drug residue.  As a result, the person is freed from the adverse effects of the drugs they have taken in the past and ready to move on to the next phases of the program.

Educational Therapies

The various educational therapies work to restore control and self-esteem to the individual. This also helps to enable him/her to focus on real life goals. This educational process helps the individual better understand addictions in general. It also serves to provide a restored sense of self-worth that improves the individual’s ability to face the realities of life without the need to use drugs as an escape.

Discharge Program

The final phase of this effective drug rehab program is designed to assist the client through the first year of recovery. This phase facilitates the effective re-introduction of the individual back into society and into leading a drug free life.