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What are you looking for in a Drug Rehab Program?

Chances are, you have been looking on the internet for some time looking for a solution to your current issue.  When considering a major decision, it is common to evaluate the many differences in the options.  Unfortunately, when one is in a crisis and time is of the essence, it makes the process stressful.  There are literally millions of websites on the internet having to do with addiction, treatment programs and related information.  It can be completely overwhelming and callers are often commenting that they are “paralyzed by indecision” based on the amount of information.  So we have taken the liberty to give you the differences between us and other programs right here.


However, in order for this process to be effective, we ask you to do one thing:

Stop searching endlessly on the internet for a drug or alcohol rehab program and take the time to read through this web site and learn about our treatment methods.

And there is one other thing we know to be true:


Whether that means you like or dislike us, take the time to find out what we are.  So relax, take a moment and think about what you want in treatment and how you see the future months playing out.  Either you will choose our program or you will not, but the important thing is to take the time decide what is best for your situation.


Here is a quick way to determine if this program may be a good fit for you:


1.  If you truly believe in your heart that addiction is an “incurable” disease that can never be overcome, only managed with therapy and medication, don’t bother calling.

Our callers often remark that they have often been told the above, and even been convinced of it, but deep down didn’t believe it.  Or even if they did, they found that the disease model didn’t work for them or their loved one.  These days, it is very common for an addict to go to rehab on street drugs and leave with several prescription medications after having been labelled “depressed”, “bi-polar” or other similar diagnosis.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t always work and the addict can become even more dependent, but now on medication, often with dangerous side-effects.


2.  If you think that 28 days is plenty of time to overcome all possible issues that would lead one to a major drug or alcohol addiction, don’t bother calling.

28 day programs were created when addiction was originally classified as a disease and treatable by health insurance, and the maximum number of days an insurance company would pay for was 28 days.  That’s the only reason that number was picked, it wasn’t based on science.  We believe someone with a major addiction needs to commit at least 90 days to fixing their life.  Addiction is a complicated issue, based on deep issues that must be addressed in order to get to the root causes of the problems.


3.  If you are convinced that the 12-Steps are the only workable method of treatment, and that methods such as nutrition, education and life skills have nothing to do with overcoming addiction, don’t bother calling.

The 12-Steps have been around since the 1930’s and have helped countless people.  We do not believe in putting down any other form of treatment, however we do know that most of our clients have tried the 12-Steps and are still addicted.  Science concerning the relation between the mind and body has evolved very far and society is becoming more health-conscious.


The truth is that addicts typically don’t take care of themselves.  They often do not eat well and their body is depleted of nutrition by drugs and bad food.  Imagine how you would feel if you ate nothing but candy for a week and hadn’t had a good night’s sleep in a month?  You might not feel good, you might feel agitated, anxious or depressed.  This is just an example of how drugs affect a person’s physical health and why simple basics like proper nutrition and exercise are so important to the well being of a person.


4.  If you think that a For-Profit program will care more about a client’s needs than a Non-Profit program dedicated to its mission, don’t bother calling.

It is true that drug rehab programs can generate a huge amount of money and because of this, they often have nice facilities.  Some rehabs cost $100,000 a month and have maids, chefs and very expensive amenities like riding horses on the beach.  While those things are comforting, it’s not necessarily going to get an addict better.


For-Profit programs by nature are designed primarily for profit and executives are responsible to their shareholders.  At the end of the day, what is more profitable is going to be what is implemented.  While this may be fine in many industries, in drug rehabilitation the difference is obvious.


Our program has always been Non-Profit and our primary mission is to save individuals and families from addiction.  We do not “nickel-and-dime” our clients with unnecessary amenities.  We have nice facilities and excellent staff who care about our clients as their top priority.


5.  Even if you have tried treatment and failed (but haven’t given up hope) and know deep down that the addict is a good person who needs help, then DEFINITELY call us.

We know it’s hard to keep having hope, especially when the addict has failed treatment in the past. Honestly no one feels worse about it than the addict, who deep down doesn’t want to be living this way.  They just don’t know how to fix themselves.  The unfortunate truth that other rehabs won’t say is that most methods of treatment are not very effective.  Statistics such as 3%-8% success rate are common in most programs, or they even say that it’s impossible to measure success or that high success rates are lies or unrealistic.  So, don’t feel like a failure if you didn’t get it right on the first try and just understand that there was never a very good possibility of success in the first place.  But there is another approach, one that works.


Now that you have read this far, it is time for you to make a decision.  Either you believe that our facility and its methods may be a good fit for you and you would like more information, or you don’t.  If you don’t, we wish you good luck in your search for help but know the unfortunate truth that the odds are not in your favor.  We wish it was better out there but it is our experience that it isn’t.


If you do believe in what we are saying, or are at least interested in learning more, please call us right away.


If you are unable to speak at the moment or it is after-hours, please fill in the contact form below and we will call you as soon as possible.

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