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Is Intervention Right For Your Situation?

Even if your loved one doesn’t seem willing, there’s still hope. 


An INTERVENTION  is an attempt to get an addict out of denial and get them to look at how drugs are ruining their life and the life of those around them. Typically, family members and close friends will confront the addict and let them know that it is time for treatment. It can be difficult and emotional for those closely related to the addict.


An intervention specialist is a trained counselor who can guide the intervention in a productive direction, with the end result being the addict willing to go to treatment. Using a specialist usually makes the process short, powerful and effective. We use only professional interventionists with a proven record of success. Even if you are certain that your loved one will never come around and admit he or she needs help, don’t give up. Call us and ask about professional drug or alcohol intervention services.


Intervention and Rehabilitation Testimonial

About four months ago I gave up my life and everything that I had for Meth. I had everything I could have wanted including 2 children, a loving family, and a great future ahead of me. Then, in early 2005 I started using Meth and within a month, I was addicted. In April of 2006, my family had a drug intervention for me. The intervention made me realize that my family knew I had a problem and that I really wanted help. I came to the drug treatment center the same night as the intervention.  I was ready to change my life and was open to what the program had to offer me.


From that point on, I knew that this place would help me lead the life I wanted which is great.  All of the staff and clients have been excellent throughout my entire time here.  Everyone has made me feel at home since the first day I arrived.  You’ve taught me to live a stronger and better life.  The method offers a way to find out who you really are and informs you of all of the possibilities life has to offer.  This place and this staff will always have a special place in my heart.  I will be able to go home now and live the life I’ve always wanted. – Lindsey B.