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Narconon Vista Bay Rehab, How Addiction Affects the Family

Narconon Vista Bay Rehab, How Addiction Affects the Family
January 14, 2011

For anybody who has been near to somebody who is hooked on drugs or alcohol, it is very simple to see the amount of people affected by the activities of just one person. Family will try to do whatever they can to save the addict. This leads to the addict’s decisions and actions consuming the energy of the entire family’s emotions and finances in an effort to find a solution.

This sort of conduct hit headlines when RJ, a rapper, was detained for supposedly attacking his mother. RJ reached fame at the age of 17 and with his newfound fame and fortune he began trying to help his crack-addicted mother. RJ has been forthright in his efforts to help her and the tussles he has come across in trying to make the correct choice. After RJ’s mother accused him of the supposed assault, she retracted her story saying she was under the influence at the time of the alleged attack and that RJ had not harmed her.

This story demonstrates the challenges of attempting to help somebody who is hooked to drugs. Those with the best intents may be put in risky circumstances because of the unpredictable actions of an addict. This is why Narconon Vista Bay does everything they can to help addicts and involve families in that process. By helping one person beat their addiction, we are helping to restore his family.

Blogger, Katie Allison Granju has reported her experience in trying to help her son who is addicted to drugs. She wrote about a thrashing that her son received from drug dealers that lead to head injuries that nearly killed him. In spite of the fact that she has sent him to recovery programs repeatedly, he still battles with addiction.
There are over 22 million Americans who are described as drug addicts. A nationwide survey showed that 64 percent of those surveyed said they know somebody who is a drug addict. This is where recovery programs like Narconon drug education and rehabilitation can step in and bring back stability to families that have been devastated by addiction.

Narconon Vista Bay rehab fully rehabilitates 7 out of 10 clients that complete the Narconon Drug Rehabilitation program. This success is contributing to the strength of families all over the world and society as a whole. If you know somebody who is struggling with addiction, contact Narconon Vista Bay today.