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Pregnant Teens Addicted to Crack Cocaine

Drug Treatment talks about the risk for the fetus of an expectant mother who smokes crack cocaine.

How does Crack Cocaine Have an Effect on a Developing Fetus?

In cases where a pregnant woman takes crack cocaine, the crack reaches the placenta, and by default gets into the baby’s body. It than takes a lot longer for the crack to dissipate in the body of a unborn child when compared to an adult. Therefore, the crack cocaine remains within a unborn infant’s blood stream for quite a bit longer than it will inside of a grown-up.

The existence of cocaine or crack cocaine within a female’s blood while in the beginning months of being pregnant can raise the possibility of miscarriage. In the instance that crack cocaine or cocaine is abused while in the final months of the pregnancy, placental abruption may well develop. This can cause lots of bleeding and the child being born prematurely, or possibly even perishing in the womb. The prospect of the infant being delivered with birth defects multiplies with the actual quantity of crack an expecting mother uses while she is pregnant. A soon to be mom that abuses crack or takes cocaine when pregnant is more inclined to give birth prematurely. When a woman abuses cocaine repeatedly during the course of her pregnancy, her baby is going to be more prone to have their physical development stunted. Infants could also be born addicted to crack themselves, and as a consequence endure symptoms of withdrawal, for example getting the shakes, irritability, inability to sleep, and muscle twitches. Children born to crack addicted mothers will also face challenges with school. Boys and girls who were subjected to crack or coke during pregnancy possess an IQ that’s 3% less than average.

What Might an Expectant Teenager do in order to Provide Protection to Her Infant from Cocaine or Crack?

The range of concerns that crack cocaine or cocaine causes during a pregnancy can be avoided. If you’re abusing crack, get into treatment prior to deciding to get pregnant. Should you be with child and still abusing, or hooked on crack, stop immediately and get help so you’ll lessen the degree of crack that your developing fetus has been subjected to. This is likely to lower the chance of going into labor prematurely or having to a newborn with birth defects.

If You Are a Teen Girl Hooked on Crack Cocaine How do You Get Drug Treatment?

If you are a pregnant teenager who is taking crack cocaine, bear in mind that you are now responsible for someone else’s life. In addition to exposing your unborn child to the drug in utero, you’re placing your infant in jeopardy because of the careless conduct that goes along with buying and abusing this illegal substance. Recognize that there are individuals you can trust and rely on who can assist you to receive the support you require. A school counselor, a father or mother, or possibly a close friend will be a good place to start. You could also call one of the Registered Addiction Specialists at , 1-800-556-8885. They will get you into the best cocaine rehab to help you defeat your dependency ans save the life of your little one.

Drug Rehabilitation Counselors know that the best way to honestly remove an addiction to crack cocaine is to start with freeing the drug abusers body of all toxins left behind from crack abuse. An individual can accomplish this under the expert supervision of one of our experienced counselors in our physical detoxification program. As a result of engaging in exercise, along with a proper eating, the recovering drug abuser will quickly heal physically and have their spirits raised. Applying these lifestyle adjustments to a recovering addict’s daily routine, alongside our New Life Detoxification Program, wherein a recovering drug abuser perspires out all of the substances that remain trapped inside their fat tissue, will help the person improve his or her physical wellness to an optimal level.

Furthermore, this is going to prepare that person for the life-skills, which they will subsequently learn at a Program. Through these lessons we are going to teach a recovering addict guidelines on how to face up to and handle their everyday life and remain happy and thriving without the urge to use crack cocaine and other substances.

Drug Rehab Centers are here to show you or the ones you love how to escape the chains of drug addiction. We are highly effective at this. 76% of our alumni continue to be alcohol and drug-free a year after graduating from our program. Give us a call at 1-800-556-8885. Together we can conquer addiction.