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Prescription Drug Rehab

The Most Abused Prescription Drugs

There are many misconceptions about the true dangers of prescription drug abuse.  We relate several important points relating to the severity of prescription drug abuse in an effort to educate and thereby mitigate the negative impacts of these drugs in our society.


Many people are under the false impression that abusing prescription drugs is safer than taking illegal street drugs like heroin.  The reality is that prescription drug abuse can have just as many dangerous consequences as abusing street drugs.  Also, with the rate of increase surrounding the abuse of many prescription drugs, it is imperative that communities across the nation take action in order to stave off this epidemic.


Prescription drug abuse is defined as taking prescribed medication that was intended for someone else, taking one’s own prescription more frequently than prescribed, or taking a prescription for reasons other than prescribed.


Commonly Abused Prescription Drugs

The most commonly abuse prescription drugs are painkillers, including OxyContin, OxyCodone, Vicodin or Codeine, CNS (Central Nervous System) depressants such as Valium or Xanax, and stimulants like Adderal and Ritalin.  Some over the counter drugs that are regularly abused are cough syrups containing dextromethorphan (street name DXM).  All of these drugs can be very dangerous when abused, each with the potential for addiction and overdose.


There are definite levels of severity with regard to prescription drug abuse, but irrespective of how one abuses prescription drugs, they are putting themselves in danger and need to seek help from a prescription drug treatment center like .  Some people take other peoples medications for symptoms that the medication is intended for (i.e. painkillers for pain, sleeping pills for insomnia, etc.). The problem is, these are the prescriptions of others taking them constitutes abuse.  If the medication is truly needed, one should be able to easily acquire it from their doctor.  Other prescription drug abusers engage in more dangerous forms of abuse, which include taking more than the prescribed dose, snorting, or even injecting drugs to achieve more of a rush.


Once someone starts abusing prescription drugs, they are entering an existence of deceit and secrecy.  In order to maintain a lifestyle of prescription drug abuse, the addict becomes obsessed with finding more of the drug.  They will steal prescriptions from others, go from doctor to doctor to try and get multiple prescriptions, head to drug dealers to get more pills, or possibly engage in criminal acts, such as robbing pharmacies.


An additional complication of prescription drug abuse is physical dependence.  When someone takes drugs over a period of time, their body adapts to the presence of the drug and the body produces more or less of certain chemicals to compensate.  When the drug use is stopped, it takes time for the body to return to normal functioning and while this process is occurring, the user goes through what is know as withdrawal.  Common withdrawal symptoms from prescription drugs include nausea, chills, diarrhea, vomiting, muscle cramping, physical pain, sleeplessness, and severe craving for more of the drug.  Withdrawal from prescription drugs should never be attempted without the supervision of trained professionals like those at the detox unit of our facilities.


One of the most unfortunate aspects of prescription drug abuse is the fact that more and more teens are abusing these types of drugs under the false assumption that they are safe.  Studies have indicated that during 2008, 7.7% of adolescents (or 1.9 million) aged 12 to 17 abused prescription drugs, the majority of which were pain medications.  Prescription painkillers are the most widely abused drug by adolescents following nicotine, alcohol and marijuana.


What’s the Solution to Prescription Drug Abuse?

The solution to prescription drug abuse is drug education and prevention.  Our drug education lectures reach tens of thousands of children each year and have seen amazing results.  Schoolteachers report a marked difference in their client’s attitudes toward drug abuse after being educated about the true dangers of drug addiction. It is our responsibility as community members to offer our kids the best chance at a happy and successful life.  If we want them to make the right decision about drug abuse, education is the key.


For those who don’t receive, or don’t heed the information presented in drug education lectures, we can help them to overcome their addiction and move on with their lives.  We offer a progressive model for rehabilitating individuals from addiction that offers extremely successful results.  With the Drug Rehab Program, addicts are able to systematically address and correct each of the reasons that led to their addiction, and also all of the reasons that have perpetuated their addiction.  Once they complete our program, former drug addicts are able to live life without being hindered by fear of relapse or an inability to handle life.


There is freedom from drug addiction and by using Drug Prevention, Education and Rehabilitation; we can achieve a world without drugs.  For information on how to schedule a free drug education lecture or to find out about our Drug Rehabilitation, simply call us today.


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