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How to Prevent Alcohol Abuse

There’s no time like the present to learn how to prevent alcohol abuse. It’s an important lesson for those who have struggled with addiction, for those who drink even on an infrequent basis and for those who have yet to pick up their first drink. Ideally, adults would drink responsibly and underage drinkers would abstain. But social pressure and the addictive nature of alcohol make this virtually impossible. However, what can stop alcohol abuse is willpower and knowledge. Take it from the Elevate Addiction Service drug rehab professionals at 800-556-8885; prevention of alcohol abuse begins with the individual.

How to Prevent Alcohol Abuse

Short of avoiding alcohol all together, which isn’t for everyone, there are a few ways to teach yourself and loved ones not to become an alcohol abuser:

  • Limit your drinking. In most cases, men can handle two drinks per day and women can handle one drink per day and not be considered addicts. However, if you can limit your drinking even further to a few times per week maximum, you’re even less likely to develop unhealthy habits.
  • Only drink in the evening. The exception to this rule would be for someone who works a second or third shift. Basically, you want to avoid drinking in the morning or afternoon of your “day”—when you’re still working, going to school or doing everyday chores and errands—whenever that day may fall.
  • Don’t drink to become drunk. Alcoholics have a hard time controlling their cravings for alcohol and the more you drink in one go, the more likely you are to become chemically addicted. Being drunk can also lead to dangerous behaviors and illness.

A Tip for Underage Prevention of Alcohol Abuse

When discussing tips for alcohol abuse prevention with your underage children, stress your expectations of them to wait until they are of legal age and can better understand the situation before drinking. Give them a “safe phrase” that allows them to call you and ask you to pick them up without losing face in front of their friends, should they find themselves in a compromising situation. For example, if your child is with friends who are drinking, they can call you and say something to the effect of, “No, I haven’t finished cleaning out the basement.” This will let you know they want to go home, but they don’t want their friends to know they feel uncomfortable by the pressure to drink. Be sure to tell your child how proud you are of their maturity.

More on How to Prevent Alcohol Abuse

If you ever suspect that you or a loved one may be struggling with alcohol abuse, do not hesitate to call the drug rehab professionals at Elevate Addiction Service. We’ll be happy to discuss the situation with you and evaluate whether or not alcohol abuse or the potential for alcohol abuse is a reality in your situation. We’ll recommend a plan of action for treatment if necessary. We’re also happy to discuss any questions you have concerning prevention of alcohol abuse.

Learn how to prevent alcohol abuse now by calling Elevate Addiction Service at 800-556-8885. We can also arrange a call to you if you fill out our call back form online.

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