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Elevate Addiction Service – Intervention Saves Lives

Elevate Addiction Service – Intervention Saves Lives
December 3, 2010

For many years there has been a saying in the drug rehabilitation industry, “you can’t help the addict until they want to help themselves.” Now there is some truth to this. Without willingness on the part of the addict and a desire to get clean, rehabilitation efforts may prove futile. This, however, does not mean that every effort should not be made to get an addict into treatment. Very often, once the individual is in the care of professionals, they can be brought to an understanding of how drugs are negatively affecting their life and the lives of those around them, thereby creating a genuine desire for recovery.

When faced with a situation where a loved one needs help but is unwilling to get it or in denial about the realities of their addiction, an intervention becomes necessary. Interventions are a highly successful method for getting addicts the recovery they so desperately need. They help the individual to understand better the impact of their behavior and life choices on those around them. Interventions also serve to reinforce the fact that the addict does have support from those who love them.

Treatment facilities like Elevate Addiction Service rehab work closely with intervention specialists who have proven integral to the success of many interventions. Intervention specialists bring a very important component to the intervention process. They are able to coach the family members and keep the intervention on track and moving in a positive direction. They offer an unbiased viewpoint of what is going on and are able to steer the process away from detrimental arguments.

Elevate Addiction Service has seen many clients enroll in our program through successful interventions and go on to remain drug and alcohol free. Addiction is a dangerous lifestyle and an intervention just may save the life of your loved one.

Elevate Addiction Service rehab is a long-term in-patient substance abuse treatment program that has been helping addicts to recover for decades. We use the Drug Education and Rehabilitation technology and have a success rate of over 75%. Please contact an Intake Counselor today at 800-556-8885 for more information.