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What is the Origin of Crack Cocaine?

Elevate Addiction Service Rehab is doing an article series on Cocaine and Crack Cocaine in an effort to better educate the public about this dangerous and highly addictive drug. In this article we will discuss the origins of Crack Cocaine and offer solutions for recovery from Crack addiction

Cocaine in the 1980s pre-Crack

Most of the cocaine that came into the U.S. in the 1980s came through Miami, Florida.  It was passing through islands off the coast of the United States.  The amount of cocaine being trafficked through these islands to the U.S. was so extreme that the price of the drug went down considerably.  Dealers were only getting 20% of what they had been making in the past.  Because the dealers were not making as much profit as they used to, they decided to cook the powdered cocaine into smokeable rocks, which were later named “crack cocaine.”  It was easy to make, cheaper to buy, and much more addictive.

By the early 1980s crack had hit the major cities in the United States.  Crack cocaine was a much purer form of the drug than the powder.  For a couple dollars someone could purchase one “hit” of crack cocaine.  After smoking that “hit”, that person would undoubtedly crave more of the drug.  Because crack cocaine was so pure and so cheap and so powerful, the potential for addiction was much greater.  By the mid-1980s crack cocaine was available in over half of the states in America.   Hospital visits due to cocaine were on the rise as well.  The term “crack babies” was coined due to crack addicted mothers giving birth to children who became addicted to the drug in utero.

Some think the crack epidemic occurred because the media mislabeled the surfacing of the drug as an “epidemic” which caused people to react with fear and stress which led to the actual epidemic.

Cocaine Trafficking and Iran-Contra Affair

Columnists and politicians alike cited that the CIA was partly to blame for the increase in problems related to crack cocaine.   Accusations started because of the cocaine ties to the Contra rebels and the likely involvement of the CIA regarding trafficking of cocaine.  In 1986, Ronald Reagan’s Administration admitted that there were indeed connections between the Contra rebels and the CIA regarding the trafficking of cocaine.

Crack Related Crime

Crime increased rapidly with the influx of crack cocaine.  From the mid-eighties to the mid-nineties the murder rates of African-American males between the ages of 14 and 17 increased by more than 50%.  Arrests for possession of weapons and other crimes also increased in the black communities.  Most of the increases in crime were in these communities because that is where most of the crack cocaine was distributed.

Crack Cocaine Today

Statistics are showing that the crack epidemic is starting to die down.  Some say the legalization of abortion is the cause for the end to the epidemic, stating that because women in the inner city have the legal right to abortion there are less kids growing up in the ghettos where this drug is predominantly used and distributed.  Some say it has to do with the popularity of other drugs like heroin and methamphetamine.  Those drugs are cheaper now and more available than ever.  Although the crack “epidemic” has lessened, crack cocaine is still on our streets and there are still millions of people addicted to this dangerous drug.  It can be easily found in most major cities in the United States.  Crack, for the most part is in controlled by gangs in our nation’s inner cities.

Help for Crack Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine Treatment Centers have a specific treatment program that works.  We know the ultimate method to defeat a crack cocaine dependency is to sweat out all the remaining crack cocaine that is trapped in the body’s fat cells.  A person does this in our New Life Detoxification Program under the professional administration of our staff.  Changes in nutrition and an increase in physical fitness help an individual begin to feel good physically.  Combining these with the New Life Detoxification Program allows a person to regain model health.  It also gets an individual’s mind clear so he or she is ready for the psychological parts of our Rehabilitation Program.

After the psychological portions of withdrawal at Cocaine Rehab Centers, a person will learn how to take control of his or her life and be happy without drugs.  We are confident that addiction to crack cocaine is just a sign of unhappiness and lack of self-control.  When a person discovers how to positively face his or her life and has gotten rid of the humiliation and blame related to the debris caused by crack cocaine addiction, they are prepared to lead a happy and active life.  When one can live well, with purpose, the desire to use crack cocaine or other drugs diminishes.

If you need help locating chemical dependency treatment you should call Elevate Addiction Service drug and alcohol rehab and speak with a Registered Addiction Specialist.  If you call us, we can get you or your loved one help.